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A term that used to mean prejudice towards one or more races.

In modern use, this word is used by people to explain the behaviour of people of other races, whether race is called into the issue or not.

Also: racism can now also include having good race relations. If you try to be friends with someone of a different race, someone will call you a racist.
Me: Dude I met this black guy when I was...

Idiot: RACIST!

Me: How is that racism? I was going to say that I met this black dude when I was going to see my best friend, who's asian.

Idiot: You're just friends with that asian because you think that makes you a good person for not being racist! You must feel sorry for him, you goddamn racist!

Me: Race doesn't come into it. But people like you force race issues into everything.
by Marge hater December 20, 2005
Fun, when used in conjunction with any of the following:

Any female anywhere that claims that "all guys are jerks"
People with a low Intelligence Quotent
Me: Hey man, I just spent Wednesday commiting Genocide all over those damn goths.

This Guy: The world is a better place.
by Marge hater December 18, 2005
See: idiots, parasites, hypocrites, dumbasses.
Me: I'm going to get a loan from Churchill.

Girl: Wasn't he the president of London when Jesus was around? I thought he was dead!

Other Girl: No, Churchill is that mountain in France! The really really high one. Mountains can't give loans!

Me: Stupid-ass girls.
by Marge hater December 18, 2005
Stupid-ass bitch who has the worst voice ever, ruins almost every single Simpson episode, and basically is shit. All day long.
Marge Simpson, with the most raspy, shitty voice: "Homie, stop doing that entertaining and funny thing, and come here to be pussy-whipped, etc."
by Marge hater December 09, 2005
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