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Seems to be the god of america, legends and echos in the media and movies...jokes we english do not get. also has not touched australia. Her show seems to be comparable to doc phil or jerry springer and other philostein TV. America's love affair with talk shows with no real point continues....apparently she does clothes and sings now too but we brits know nothing of it!
(charles): I loved that moviue but I didnt get the joke with the black woman

(hank) boy howdy. that was oprah winfrey you limey, lord of amrica.

(charles) I see...
by Marcus Ditzel September 24, 2006
1/ An alien from the series Teen Titans

2/ A rock balad breaking from the usual fast paced power metal of Dragonforce

(these could be put together into a great AMV using the eppisode How long is forever)
"starfire and robin should get together"
"are you crazy? starfire and raven should get together, terra can come along too"

"and the warrior stands on top of the hill in the SNOOOOW...."
by Marcus Ditzel September 22, 2006
(usually) attractive girl who behaves like a semi-nerdy boy.

Prissy gossiping girls make no sense to her and hence she often gravitates and becomes close to males who share her interests. (fantasy, movies, comics, semi-geeky but interesting stuff)

she is usually a tomboy. The males she views as friends usually all wish to sleep with her though she cannot see this and beleives herself to be completelly unattractive to the opposite sex due to her "non-femmeninity".
"Hey who's that beautifull girl there with the jumper around her waist and the powermetal patches on her bag?"

"thats Amy, shes a dragongirl...I went to her house hoping to get intimate but she just showed me her longbow and ninja stars then we played some game cube..."

(both parties sigh)

(dragongirl) Yoda or skelletor?
(male friend)Yoda for sure
(dragongirl) Yea, for sure...
(male friend) you know, you're really hot
(dragongirl) WHAT ?!?!?!
(male friend).....um....got ya, he he

(awkward silence)
by Marcus Ditzel September 22, 2006
If one is able to repay their debts and reward favoures in kind, then one is said to be Good Like Gandalf.
c'mon, it's just $10. you know I'm good for it...I'm good like Gandalf

did you lend Jason your car?

Yea, I know he's good like Gandalf

Thanks for the bale out man, I won't forget it

Don't worry, I know you're good like Gandalf
by Marcus Ditzel February 10, 2009
Getting your T8 is geting the healthy 8 hours sleep that Mr.T recomends so heavily. For an adult and a growing person alike to frequently get less than your T8 leavs you disoriented and slow.
"dude, after bens party my body clock was fucked, couldnt get my T8 all week"

(manfred): my heads spinning after all those assignments, got 4 hours sleep every day since saturday

(jose): thats unhealthy man, you need to get your T8 or you'll never manage the speech on friday.

by Marcus Ditzel September 23, 2006
TO cut somone (usually with a samurai sword) with such skill and speed that they do nor tealise they have been cut untill you`v struck a cool pose or killed their buddies, then they either slowly slide in half or explode in a bloody um...explosion...

this effect is used in movies such as kill bill and many animes but it only received a name after the game Shinobi was released for the playstation 2 in 1999 (?)
`I tated that guy so hardcore`
`the guy crept up and tated me, I didnt realise till I was brushing my teeth the next morning and my arm fell off`

`Uma thurman can really tate (tait)`
by Marcus Ditzel May 11, 2006
1/ Pertaining to that whuch is cheeply made or foreign in nature.
2/ Pertaining to a foreign person who you do not know
3/ pertaining to an unknown country or area
4/ a suffix to a random name, used to denote unfammiliarity
1/ What am I drinking this el bolla wine for?

2/ I dunno him but he was el bolla

3/ It's from some el bolla place, you know...?

4/ that guy... Winston El Bolla

by Marcus Ditzel April 30, 2007

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