1. Of or relating to the quality of an Ed Wood movie.

2. Dodgy but funny.
"That was so Edwoodian."
by Alexander Gray March 19, 2006
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Of the standard of an Ed `Wood movie.`
Ed wood has won universal acclaim as the worst director of all time for such legendary films as Plan 9 from outer space starring Dudley Manlove as a space man sent to earth to create zombies.

If a movie of the modern world tried to be a serious film but failed so misserably that it appears comical it may be called EDWOODIAN, and watched repeatedly for humour`s sake.
Exampl of missuse
`Dude, sky captain is Edwoodian`
`no, you are mistaken, that was just bad`

Example of correct use
`man, I watched such an Edwoodian film yesterday, Invaders from mars or some shit`
`oh yea, the one where the main badguy is a paper mache covered head in a glass jar!`
by Marcus Ditzel May 08, 2006

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