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Another name for the new call of duty game which with its multiplayer is highly addictive. If you let it hook you in, you will forgo nature to play it. it is not the best game ever made by any stretch of the imagination but when playing multiplayer you will become an addict. like taking lots of crack will make you addicted. I doubt NASA devoted more time to the space program than gamers have to this game. do not let it hook you in, leaving play for a few hours will cause withdrawal symptoms. if the government wants a way to keep people in check look no further
Tom: fancy some crack
Dick: no thanks I have call of duty crack ops
Tom:ooo nice
Dick/Tom: now we have no life
by Marcus Antonio November 17, 2010
An act of drinking 6 double shots of russian vodka, in quick succession. hence why it is called 'soviet suicide' gaurenteed to get you wankered and make you feel a tad ill in the morning. by a tad ill i mean emptying your guts into the nearest toilet bowl provided you get there. for the true soviet exprience however finish the bottle off and blow your brains out with a revolver in the style of a shamed soviet general.
"my friend is a moron he just drunk a soviet suicide, that's gonna hurt tommorow mate"
by Marcus Antonio January 19, 2010

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