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2 definitions by Marcoiche

Common slang refering to a cigarette, e.g "Pass Jinse, plinse"
Also sometimes used to refer to a smoker e.g "Alrite Jinse?"

Originated in the early 21st century using a mixture of popular slang terms "jig" and "binse". 'Jig' meaning a cigarette and binse the popular slang reference at the time.
Other day to day examples include:

"Jinse?! Jinse?! Your not looking at the bigger picture!"

"Don't you worry about jinse, let me worry about jinse."
by Marcoiche July 05, 2006
The term cash match bandit refers to a person or persons who participate in a cash match scandal. This involves utilizing the cash match scheme offered at some casinos and abusing it to result in a £15 guaranteed return.
"Don't worry blood I got bear doe, I'm a cash match bandit"
by Marcoiche June 16, 2008