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Fat Black Lady Porn. Found mostly on the internet, this rare category of pornographic imagery features obese women of African American descent. The printing of these images often leads to a quick and immediate depletion of one's black ink printing cartridge.
The Jaceman! loves him some FBLP and some Mt. Dews.
by MarcoPolo April 05, 2005
Its when you have with three girls during the same sitting but have sex with each individually cumming on each face individually.
Bro. You mean to tell me you were elected to the tricumvirate. No way!
by marcopolo March 25, 2012
The most taken advantage of guy in all of Missouri. But rightly so considering his always stocked fridge of Mt. Dews and an unhealthy love for FBLP.
Hey The Jaceman!, your printer is out of ink again. What's the deal?
by MarcoPolo April 05, 2005

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