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2 definitions by Marcius

A great form of music spawning other great forms of music. Usually involves horns, mixed meter, more then 3 chords per song, and improv.
Miles Davis, Buddy Rich

You're stuck on an island with Osama Bin Laden, Saddam, and Kenny G. you have a gun with 2 bullets. what do you do?

Shoot Kenny G twice!
by Marcius July 12, 2005
Kids who THINK they have individuality, but they really don't. They try and fit in with others who think THEY have individuality, when really they're just a bunch of kids with no friends. They usually deny they are scene, and then twist the saying to apply to someone else in a negetive way. see emo for deffinition of dress and music
Joe: Stop being scene you little douche! Listening to classic rock isn't cool!

Jim- Don't you listen to Emo and Punk? Stop being a little bitch and twisting the deffenition!
by Marcius July 12, 2005