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Someone who claims to be a big fan of a certain band, has a shitload of the band's merchandise(hats,tees, braclets neckties), yet in reality, this person only knows a few of the bands actual songs, usually greatest hits. Bands which are the targets of fake-ass fans are usually old rock bands like AC/DC,Led Zeppelin,The Doors,KISS and The Ramones. But this can be consistant with any kind of musical artist. Excessive owning of such merchandise can also mean a weak attempt to look "cool" or "hardcore"
Jimmy had pretty much every single bit of KISS merchandise, everything from toothpaste to socks to braces. But when asked to list some of his favorite songs of theirs he could only think of two of their songs,"Rock and roll all night" and "Strutter". He was a fake-ass fan.
by Marc. O January 02, 2008
A very good brand of guitar amps, that contrary to popular belief isn't just only for beginning to middle level guitarists, but is also very popular among many seasoned pro's from many genre's all the way from green day to U2 and more recently, Megadeth. They also have kick arse acessories like the the Line 6 POD and and FVB shortboards.
I have a Line 6 150 watt half-stack waith a full sized FVB shortboard complete with built-in tuner and wah-pedal, and quike frankly, this set up kicks ass.
by Marc. O February 15, 2008
lame-ass 80's hair metal band, guitar and drums are decent, but the bass is lame, boring lyrics all about the same damn thing. (sex,drugs,tattoos,porn etc) Often admired by cookie cutter scene girls who think that motley crue is "teh best old skool band eva" just because prominent scene band Halifax did their own version of motley crue's "kickstart my heart" into "our revolution" or some anarchist crap like that.
Is there really one needed? Motley crue blows coconuts.
by Marc. O January 01, 2008

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