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Quite similar to a hermaphrodite, a mermaphrodite is a merperson, with the genitilia of both a merman and a mermaid.
"So my ship gets wrecked at sea and I'm thinking, 'Alright! You're going to die.' But just then, out of nowhere, I get pulled to safety by this thing! Like a mermaid, but it sorta looked like Jamie Lee Curtis. When I noticed it's adam's apple I realized it must have been a mermaphrodite."
by Marc Sauve December 16, 2005
Mancing is a man dancing by himself. This often occurs at home when no one else is around. Most mancing will involve wearing just underwear and socks but not necessarily limited to just undergarments. It is completely possible for mancing to occur in public and anywhere.
Marc: I love it when Tom Cruise starts mancing in Risky Business.
Zach: That's the only reason to watch that movie!
Joe: You're both gay.
by Marc Sauve December 17, 2005
Awesome. Fantastic. Nothing better. The ultimate. It is always used at the end of a sentence. Pronounced bah (as in bah humbug or bot) and gong (as in gong). Depending on how great the situation you may even extend the bah part as long as you wish. Many times a ba-gong is done with a point to something.

Ba-gong can also be shared with a friend. One person would lead the ba-gong and the other person jumps in so they can finish together.
Marc -"I found fifty dollars on the street today so I bought two "bottles of Meyers Rum for us, BAAAAAAAAA-"


"So I'm talking to this girl right? And I'm thinking, this isn't going anywhere. Well right when I'm about to give up she's all like, 'I hope you don't think I'm weird but I'd really like it if I could tie you up and sit on your face' BA-GONG!" *points to face*
by Marc Sauve January 01, 2006

A furt can be defined simply as a fart that hurts. This is usually the result of chapped asshole, extraordinary flatulence, or other common ass problems.
Mike- I ate so much cabbage and beans last night that I had terrible furts.
Meghan- Did you try chapstick on the asshole?
Mike- No because I only have mentholated chapstick, and if I put it on my asshole I won't be able to eat it.
Meghan- I think I ate your chapstick.
by Marc Sauve December 20, 2005
A fart that hurts.
"The other night I ate so much beans and cabbage that I got the furts and had trouble sitting down.
by Marc Sauve December 16, 2005

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