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4 definitions by MarComiX

A sad little slideshow program that makes it look like you're not reading a text during an oral presentation as much.
Wow! He memorized the entire text! The PowerPoint was for OUR benefit, not his!
by MarComiX March 05, 2009
A sign that it's time to go to bed. Goodnight.
Ah, jeez, 5 AM already? I'm outta here.
by MarComiX March 08, 2009
A word on Urban Dictionary that hasn't been defined yet-- nevermind.

To remove content from something by an action.
This will reduce the chances that someone else finds a non-defined word.
by MarComiX March 08, 2009
You'd write this if your grammar was terrible. It'd be considered a typo.
Hey dude you're story has a tipo in it, you should concentrate a bit more on you'regrammer.
by MarComiX May 11, 2009