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Second guitarist of duh bestest band My Chemical Romance!!!! Also just a tattooed punk from Belleview,New Jersey who has several lacerations and contusions and mono....
'Asshole. I was such an asshole! Uhhh Delinquent. I was told I was too intelligent for my own good but I don't know about that. I didn't like authority and this was at ten!' - Frankie on what he was like when he was ten
by Many_Sleepless_Nights July 18, 2005
Yes the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, yes the brother of Mikey Way the bassist, yes really really REALLY smexy but also was a drug and alchohal addict.
"So many people treat you like you're a kid so you might as well act like one and throw your television out of the hotel window" - Gerard Way
by Many_Sleepless_Nights July 18, 2005
For all those that dont believe me too bad.... My Chemical Romance is Emo and Pop-Punk... if they were not a great band why did Green Day hand pick them to go on tour? Vocals-Gerard Way 1st guitar-Ray Toro 2nd guitar- Frank Iero Bass-Mikey Way Drums-Bob Bryar (formerly Matt Pessiler i think...)
"The amount of pills im takin conteracts the booze im drinkin lets me live my life like this while i find it hard to stay with the words you say oh baby let me in oh baby let me in"---Honey, this mirror isnt big enough for the two of us
by Many_Sleepless_Nights July 18, 2005
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