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When you cum around a chick's mouth. It gives the illusion of the girl having rabies.
I was having a threesome, and I gave the girl Alaskan Rabies. The other guy in bed got scared shitless.
by Manuelmatthew June 29, 2011
It is when you shit and ejaculate on a girl's vagina. You proceed to make her queef, and the force will push the cum and the shit in an explosion, like a firecracker.
For the 4th of July, I think I'm gonna give Shelly an Alaskan Firecracker.
by Manuelmatthew June 29, 2011
When you proceed to ejaculate and take a dump in a glass, then shake up a soda. When having intercourse with your partner, you open the soda into her pussy and quickly throw in the ejaculate/feces combination.
John: What ever happened to your girlfriend Sally?
Mike: I gave her an Alaskan Ice Cream Float, and she never called again.
by Manuelmatthew June 29, 2011
When you make a chick drink an Alaskan Ice Cream Float. Everytime she throws up, you cum in her mouth.
My girlfriend was sick for about a week after I gave her an Alaskan Heartbeat.
by Manuelmatthew June 29, 2011

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