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4 definitions by Manny Daddy

A person who is scared to do things mildly intese.
We're just driving to New Orleans. Why are you being a nervous nelly?
by Manny Daddy August 06, 2007
31 10
A fat woman or ugly. Stands for whoa bitch get the fuck back.
Damn the club was full of wobacks last night.
by Manny Daddy August 05, 2007
19 5
When a guy will throw it in any, and i do mean any, girl. He doesn't care if they are fat, or ugly, or handicapped. Just as long as he gets his nut off. But hey, he's just trying to help them out.
Man you were so wasted last night, you were pulling a serge.
by Manny Daddy August 05, 2007
16 4
What you tell some one when they are asking you for something that you don't want to do just to get them out of your way.
John: Hey can I borrow 20 bucks

Terry: Oh I'll get you on the way back.
by Manny Daddy August 05, 2007
7 3