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The Skin Knott. This untraditional art of foreskin tying was made famous in the early 2000's by London, Ontario native Colin M. To successfully perform a skin knott, take your elongated penis foreskin and simply tie it in a knott. Different knotts and styles may be tied depending on the length of your skin. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Wow! What a beautiful skin knott you tied... does it hurt?
by Manness August 15, 2011
When somebody parties so hard and so often that they cannot remember who they were with, where they were, or why they were partying.
I've been on an 8 day bender and I can't remember anything from the passed week. I dont know who I spent it with! Where am I!? I think I have Randonesia...
by Manness August 22, 2011

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