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a term used to describe an event/object that has no use to you. It’s dead. Or it has a total lack of fun.
Ben: “Yo, that party was DEADED! There was a lack of sluts..total lack of sluts. DEADED!”
by Mango1231 February 26, 2011
a term used to describe a human-being that has a total lack of morals and respect for girl/people and their property. Crumbs normally get wasted and engage in the following activities, opening people’s mail, taking advantage of women, stealing alcohol from Koren bars, spitting on people, puking on people’s property, exposure of male genitalia, and spitting on people. Mostly smoke Newports.

Synonyms: Man-whore; jerk; tool; jack-ass; loaf of bread; moldy bread, slice of bread, and/or crust.
Example: next morning after a crazy night: “Yo, last night I was sucha crumb, sucha crumb! Me and my buddy Kyle totally peed all over some guys bathroom, it was soo gross. Wanna see the video?”
by Mango1231 February 26, 2011

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