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2 definitions by Manfred and Mancred

Really big boobs, usually sticking out or wearing a very crazy bra and all the boys like to stop and stare at them. They are usually fashioned by a girl named Natalie.
Woah, that douchy girl Natalie's mojivos are heeeuuuge!
by Manfred and Mancred December 17, 2007
17 4
The cagina is very rare but is common in Asia. It is when a males penis is either inside their body making a slight vagina, or is simply too small to recognize as a penis. Occurrences with female is when a female adolecence has an orgasm that solidifies and cannot be torn off the vagina and then gets a orgy-penis.
Last night, bla bla bla gained a cagina.
by Manfred and Mancred December 16, 2007
37 56