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The freakin' most awesome game to come out of the 90's.
However, when asked, most people will go "Huh?" and walk away. I thought I was the only person who remembered pogs...
John- "OMG I was going through my shtuff last night and I found this huge box of pogs!!"
Me- "Yesss!"
Idiot 1- "Huh?" (walks away)
by MandyM November 04, 2005
The action of estimation is worthless.
~Does not seem like a real word and/or proper definition, though it is. Made popular by commercial depicting kid in spelling bee. F-L-O-C -I-N-A-U-C -I-N-I-H-I-L-I -P-I-L-I -P-H-I-C -A-T-I-O-N
"Your word is: flocinaucinihilipiliphication"
"Can you use that in a sentence?"
by MandyM March 17, 2006
Suffix used to describe the elated feeling caused by a particular item, which can be attached to any noun to create the desired effect.
That hawaiian bread is so freaking good, every time I eat it i get a breadgasm.
I was walking through the department store, when I ran across this HUGE clearance sale... I almost had a sale-gasm.
by MandyM June 09, 2006
A term used to describe the accidental or purposeful attachment of a beverage can (particularly beer) to the bottom of ones shoe by stepping on it. This usually results in a slight elevation in height as well as a satisfying clink-clunk sound when walking. Extremely entertaining until they fall off.
I had to stop laughing when the cop told Emily to take off her beer sandals while inside the restaurant.

His beer sandals made the perfect clink-clunk sound until he lost them in the mud.
by MandyM April 03, 2006
(There are many different spellings for this word.)
Word used to describe the combination of the holidays Christmas, Hannukah, and Quanzaa, either referring to as a whole or to the holiday season in general, so as not to be biased. Or just 'cause it sounds cool.
Happy merry christmahannuquanzikka!
by MandyM December 10, 2005

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