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The best public university in Oregon

Located in the very liberal town of Eugene. Known for top rated programs in Business, Journalism, Psychology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Also known for being the lovechild of Nike. Nike's CEO Phil Knight attended UO and pours a shit load of money into the school, especially into their athletic programs.

The Oregon Ducks have some best athletic facilities in the nation. The Ducks consistently place near the top of the Pac 10 in men’s basketball and football.

The girls are hot, the guys are average, the grass is green, and the beer is flowing. What more do you want from a college?
If you want to go to a school in a rural area, with average academics (besides engineering), a dominant greek life (if you're not apart of it, forget about partying), and a horrible basketball team - then go to Oregon State.

If you want to go to a good school with great weed, lots of house parties, chill people, and great sports teams across the board, then go to University of Oregon.
by Mandrake- May 06, 2007

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