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A wombshifter is a man who is so large that he shifts the position of a woman's womb while engaging in sexual intercourse.
Girl: "That man was so huge, I felt my guts being pushed against the my insides."

Girls Friend: "Yes, they don't call him a wombshifter for nothing."
by Mandingo10+ September 20, 2011
A pair of overpriced, oversized, often ridiculous looking athletic footwear deemed valuable enough by ignorant blacks that they'll do anything in their power to get them, including, but not limited to: theft, intimidation, rioting, mugging, killing, bludgeoning. They're usually considered a status symbol, and are therefore acquired in hopes of attracting a mate and creating the next generation of thugs, murderers, criminals, thieves and rioters.
Footlocker had to shut down their store on Friday because of the riots that were breaking out over the release of those new boon boots.
by Mandingo10+ February 26, 2012
Black Man's Pussy.

Often tattooed on white girls who belong to black men.
That young white girl was a virgin when I met her. I took her from her home an me and my boys own her now. She even has "BMP" tattooed around her belly.
by Mandingo10+ June 26, 2009
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