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Final Fantasy 7. Best rpg ever made. Best story, best gameplay and best everything. FF7 is the best.
"If you think FF7 is the best, you are the best, even if you think Cloud is better then Sephiroth, when he isn't."
by ManaBlueLovers March 24, 2008
abbr. TL

A Starcraft gaming site and forums. Learn how to get better at SC while meeting some really intelligent gamers and having loads of crazy discussions and fun.
"Did you see the new progamer's tournement on TL.net?"

"Yea, Team Liquid and Koreans are awesome."
by ManaBlueLovers March 24, 2008
A gosu Starcraft player. He's too awesome for words.
"zomg, MANABLUE?!"
by ManaBlueLovers March 24, 2008

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