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A contraction of the phrase "what the fuck"; one that is commonly posted on forums as an expression of confusion. It is often said by people with no creativity, imagination or unique traits, who regurgitate this vapid phrase in order to "comically" display their sheer lack of humour/understanding towards anything even slightly out of the ordinary. (see normality).
A user, with no sense of self respect, encounters a slightly funny/absurd YouTube video and feels the need to comment.

-User: "Dafuq did i just watch??"

-EVERYONE ELSE: *Facepalm*
#normality #boring #sheeple #dumb fuck #philistine
by ManSpider June 13, 2013
Name of a powerful Night Elf Warrior. Being the best warrior on the Zul'jin Realm in the lvl 20-29 brackets for a long time, he then decided to move on to lvl 49 where he was still fighting and winning.
Llando is also known as the 'Living Legend' among a large group of Horde players; those who actually had the chance to fight him, and also to a lot of Alliance players, where it was good to fight and win on his side.

~Horde fan
Watch out for Llando!

We lost, Llando is in this game.
#llando #lando #lladno #llado #llandoo
by Manspider September 13, 2006
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