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The res is an area thats like a real life Jerry Springer show mixed with Wildboys.
There are constant fights since 75% of the population is drunk or on drugs.
At least once a week the cops do a bust to try and clean up the area. The one time it was a rolling meth lab they got.
People drag face ride on lawn mowers down the road.

There's several sections of subdivisions with folks who are Seminole or Cherokee or mixed from other tribes, Hispanic, or mixed with whateva and they are good folks.
It's a very poor area, so folks refer to it as the "res" or the "rez" since it's piss poor, and most all live in trailers like on the poorer reservations.

There are bad folks too, they are drugged out, you find them robbing people.
Almost everyone there has a dog, every other house has 4 or more of them.

Chickens run loose, and some places so do goats.
Voodoo is alive and well along with shamanic practices.

Most is good folks who have had hard lives. the term i have heard originally from friends with Native blood that live there so thats what
we all refer to it as.
Wanna go get drunk at the res?

My brother just picked up some bruja off the roadside on the res and is headed back to lil city.

Titusville is called lil city and mims is called the res
by MamaBear2 June 09, 2013

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