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(n.) A person who loves anime, manga and is even willing to cosplay for a convention as their favorite character, often fan girls/ fan boys about characters. Nice ppl, but a little crazy at times, tend to get wrapped up in storylines.
I am an anime freak, I cried while reading a manga (a comic book)just cuz i lvoe one of the characters
by Malrus-A-GoGo May 29, 2006
(n.) An animal created at Malrus Co. in Nowhere Land, USA. 1/2 Lion 1/2 Walrus, a visious animal when fed any food other than cabbage. Created by Nowhere Man on deviantart.com.
the malrus kills in 20 3's
search malrus on dA
by Malrus-A-GoGo July 05, 2006
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