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Okay, everybody listen... (or read). I was severely offended when some girl said "I'm sry i will not stop wearing those colorful bracelets just because some immature kids are being perverted."

We the "immature kids" are not being perverted. It's the parents and the media. Who the fuck wheres them for sex!!! I'm in 8th grade and once everyone heard about the "fad" on tv we started wearing them just to piss the teachers off. I have 50 purples (that mean anal) and have I ever given a guy anal, no of course not.. my friends where's black, does she have sex with any guy that wants to... NO!! and any of you other people that want to say that the kids started this because we want to have sex, can go shove the bracelets up their ass!!!
oh and I won't stop wearing them just because some perverted adults want to think that we want to give guys bolw jobs or something, what else are they going to ban from school... (oh no hair ties mean you want to have sex, we have to confiscate them all)
by Mallorie December 22, 2003

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