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Pornographic pictures taken by a guy while he himself is having sex, ergo the guy's belly takes up about 78.5% of the foreground, while a hint of his sex partner is seen in the background.

Considered HOT by the artist and his nerdy 17-to-54-year-old pals.

Considered lame and distasteful by all other grown-ups.
- Hey guys, wanna see my gf giving me head?

- Damn it dude, all I see is your hairy and sweaty belly!

- Look carefully in the corner!

- Oh yeah! Now that's HOT. Is that a he or a she? (Belly porn SUX!)
by Malcolm Knoxville January 29, 2007
Country ruled by a speech-impaired Drug Dealer (Evo Morales) that loves to kiss Hugo Chavez's and Fidel Castro's asses, sometimes in tandem.
"Hey, amigo Chavez, amigo Castro, soy Evo, de Bolivia Bolivariana!"

Castro: "I guess I'm pulling my pants down once more"

Chavez: "Go ahead, I had enough of his brown nosing at the last summit"
by Malcolm Knoxville January 23, 2007

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