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A term that conveys severe distress or anger. Usually spoken in a low tone since the number of f-bombs dropped alone releases enough anger so that you don't need to yell. Also, it is usually directed toward an individual that is the cause of distress or anger. It is also a creative form of alliteration.
person 1: Your mom is a skank fuckin hoe
person 2: Fuck you fuckety fuck face fucker!
by Malakas Takis January 17, 2006
A combination of the words "probability" and "calculation." It is therefore a calculation of the probability of an event. High-profile scientists and forensic detectives use this word all the time in that it increases their verbal efficiency by approximately 3.5%. It can also be used in the verb form (probulate)
What is the probulation that Arash did it in the library with the candlestick?

I will probulate the outcome.
by Malakas Takis January 25, 2006
Not only the opposite of appreciating an act or gesture, but actually hating the act or gesture and its origin, usually an unapprecihative person. A good countermeasure to a sarcastic or rude comment.
Tony: Damn dude, you got ganked!
Me: Thanks asshole, I apprecihate it...
by Malakas Takis January 25, 2006
A relative of the words jank and janky, but with extra letters. Created through an act of inscest between the words jank and janky, it is the bastard child that none of the jank family will claim.
The inside roof of Alex's G-Ride Bonnevile, which is presently bare metal, produces a jankety noise every time a door is slammed.
by Malakas Takis January 25, 2006

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