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2 definitions by Makk10

Playboy or playgirl but thug style hence playthug.
Playboyz or playgirlz with bunnies but gangsta style in bed, hence sex thug style not the normal way - like a thug breakin rules.
For girls you can use that term or playthuggets.
Also by playtugs, playthug,playthugets

"he is such a playthug"
by Makk10 September 15, 2012
In The Name of God
When you want to write a message or text but want to start with the Name of the creator(GOD) so you would begin with In the name of God (ITNOG)

As examples muslims would start their meals or even just start of the day with Bismil'allah which means In the Name of God.
by Makk10 September 15, 2012