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2 definitions by Maisie=]

A shit hole in the middle of hills with plenty of sheep.

their only access to great life is the train through to blackburn, getting on this train would be most people from burnleys DREAM.This train also passes through Rishton Rishtons higher class and great society makes many jealous, especially those from burnley, who wonder why they have 6 toes and 3 fingers.

Without wittering on..

getting too the point.

blackburn are better than burnley.
always have been.
always will be.
blackburn rovers are the true team around here.
always will be.
Blackburn 2-1 Burnley

Morten gamst pedersen tra la la la

always in your heads ;)
by Maisie=] June 11, 2007
83 93
Rishton is a small place in East lancashire, it is located near blackburn.
It is one of the best towns around here.
The people, ranging from newborn too touching 100's are all pleasant and friendly.
you wouldnt be disapointed.
There are many places avalible to take a stroll and relax.
There are also places to stop over.
There are many forms of beauty treatments, with hairdressers, tanning salons and nail parlours everywere.
The rishtoners are legends

goin down in history.
by Maisie=] June 11, 2007
7 19