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The typical main line mom is the one who stays home and drives a big car so she can shuttle all her kids and their friends around. They usually have around 5 to 7 kids. During the day they go to the mall to blow their husbands money and chat with their friends on their blackberrys, but at night they go into homework mode and do all their kids homework for them so they can be the best. Every weekend they go to a party and get a local villa nova student to watch their kids while they go get wasted. During the summer they vacation at their house in avalon, new jersey or go to their country clubs and sit under the cabanas with the other main line moms and gossip. Typically a main line mom will raise their kids everything they want. Many main line moms are referred to as milfs.
Billy: dude your mom is the typical main line mom, she's such a milf!

Mike: dude thats so weird!

Billy: sorry, is she going to drive us to lax?
by Mainlinegal January 12, 2011
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