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A large, parasitic corporation who moves like a plague, eating up all business in it's wake, and leaving a large, gray store with cheap, plastic crap.

They take jobs, and then screw over their employees by destroying any union they come up with, or fireing them, or making them work in the childrens section.

They close down all little shoppes in the area, and then sponsor people to start up new businesses, with advance revinue going back to Wal-Mart (*This is just a conspiracy theory, but I'm sure it is real*)
Damn Wal-Mart moved in. The Pic-n-Save is gone, and now I have to work there. If I say anything about Union, they'll fire me. Damn Wal-Mart.

Look at those hippies, trying to stop Wal-Mart from being built. Spike those trees!

Wal-Mart stores are niggers! (check my definition)
by Maine Event April 08, 2004
dev·il's advocate
One who argues against a cause or position, not as a committed opponent but simply for the sake of argument or to determine the validity of the cause or position.
Roman Catholic Church. An official appointed to present arguments against a proposed canonization or beatification.
by Maine Event April 05, 2004
Adj. V. Adv.

Someone with the behaviour patterns of a geek and a nerd, but is an utter dumbass.
My friend Justin is novertious in that he likes comics and videogames, but he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
by Maine Event June 10, 2004
(A-Kay-Dense) Noun

A word that came to me while writing a book. To me, it means the same as the word reasoning.
"George W. Bush, what is your aquedence toward pushing the War on Terror?"
"What the hell is your aquedence for pushing that nun off a bridge?"
by Maine Event June 27, 2004
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