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Proper Noun.

A gay man who trolls around unsuspecting straight men looking for back-door action.
Tom is such a back door prowler, he creepily eyes all the dudes at the bar and hits on them.
by mainah December 20, 2012
A gross mid-50's woman who lives in the middle of nowhere, and leaves her dildo and bong out in the open for anyone to see; often gives the person who sees the dildo and bong the chills, because the woman is the type that you would prefer not to imagine getting high and getting down with the dildo.
painter: Dude, we were painting, and i looked in the window and saw a dildo and bong sitting out on the table! Who lives here, someone attractive?

Manager: Hell no! Its a disgusting old woman! Fucking dildo bong lady, she's going to give me nightmares tonight.
by mainah December 20, 2012

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