17 definitions by Maidhcil Mac Fheorais

An uneaten item of food still in your mouth hours after you thought you'd eaten it.
Always rinse your mouth out after eating to avoid stowaways.
by maidhcil mac fheorais September 22, 2007
The name of someone whose balls never see daylight. A sexually inactive man.
Strawballs is staying in again tonight!
by Maidhcil Mac Fheorais September 16, 2007
A native of Finglas on Dublin's north side.

Finglas was originally an old village but now is a big sprawling tough working class neighbourhood.

Finglasians have recently been moving en masse into the neighbouring county of Kildare.
Kildare used to feel really country, but now it's full of Finglasians.
by Maidhcil Mac Fheorais September 16, 2007
To shoplift after getting severe dissatisfaction with returning a purchase.
I bought this pair of jeans here and they shrunk after the first wash. You better replace them or I swear I'll be unspending here till Christmas 2010.
by Maidhcil Mac Fheorais September 18, 2007
Dublin slang for bald. Also, ugly because it's too big or too plain.
I'd buy that coat except for the big skaldy buttons.
by Maidhcil Mac Fheorais September 16, 2007
A frantic dash, usually from one side of a city to another. Also emergency travel between two countries organised at the last minute to try to prevent something terrible from happening.

Reminiscent of a monkey running on the ground from a predator looking for a safe tree to climb. Arms and legs are usually swinging from side to side and the monkey has a grin of terror on its face.

Monkey runs typically have a success rate of between 30% and 50%.
Sandra suddenly realised that she left the CD-Rom with all the photos in her husbands lap top. If he turned it on the game was up. She decided she would have to do a monkey run to London that night.
by Maidhcil Mac Fheorais September 16, 2007
To ask somone to think again. From the British Television game show Play Your Cards Right where contestants had to guess if the next card turned up was higher or lower than the previous card. A slow contestant with a 2 of Clubs might say "lower?" and the audience would scream "HIGHER!!".
Friend: Want to go to Mulligan's for a pint?
No. 1: Higher.
Friend: Why? They love us in Mulligan's.
No. 1: Higher, I got thrown out last night.
by maidhcil mac fheorais September 21, 2007
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