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When one's electronic equipment ceases to function almost entirely due to faulty hardware, glichey update, or a poorly executed attempt at modding.
See also "brick"
1: Frank's computer was bricked when the power lines outside were struck by lightening.
2: On December 31 of 2008 all the 30gb Zunes were bricked because of an internal clock glitch.
3: My cell phone was bricked when I fell in that puddle.

4: To brick
Jim's trying to overclock his CPU. I keep telling him he's going to brick the whole the.
by Magnoodle December 31, 2008
When one is playing a song on "Guitar Hero" that is so far above their skill level that they begin randomly button mashing the frets in panic.
I tried playing a level 6 song on Guitar Hero last night. It was scary. I was doing panic fingers after like ten seconds.

by Magnoodle October 10, 2007

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