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Any person whose face looks just like the face of your standard bitch. Also used to refer to someone whose face will not stop bitching or is perpetually bitchy
Hopwil is such a bitchface! But Dark Hades is worse, he's such a big fucking bitchface.
by Magnimar February 24, 2004
An insult or sexual act:

1- A sad fucking excuse for a piece of shit person.

2- Licking your lover while fucking.
1- Brian is such a fucklick, his mom does his homework for head.

2- Hey, baby, let's fucklick.
by Magnimar February 24, 2004
To 'flick' a 'dick'
Can be used to either describe an action or a person. Can also be used as a command.
1- Thomas, you jerk, you needa a good dicklflick!

2- Gawd, Henry is a waste of space, stupid dickflick.

3- Stfu and go dickflick, perv!
by Magnimar February 24, 2004

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