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One single tear dripping soulfully and beautifully down the cheek of a hardcore manly man, to express the deep extent of his man pain. Usually caused by daddy issues or deep emotional trauma. Or both. Also can be used in a general way as "Epic Tears of Man Pain", although there can only be one tear at one time.
As he considered how his father never loved him, an EPIC TEAR OF MAN PAIN rolled softly down his stubbly cheek and rested on his chiselled jaw.
by Magnel May 20, 2010
A McDonald's with a helpful plug in it for taking advantage of the free Wi-fi. Not all McDonald's are so kind as to offer this service but it is much appreciated whenever it is there. Most McDonald's do not offer this service so that your computer will run out of battery and they can kick you out. But our freedom to use their wifi will never be taken away at PlugDonald's until closing time.
The area around our hostel is a hole, but at least there's a PlugDonald's
by Magnel June 15, 2010
The great, sparkly love of Sam Winchester and Castiel on the TV show Supernatural. Sammy + Cas = ~*~SASSY~*~

It came about thusly:
Sam: OMG an angel yay
Cas: You is a boy with the demon blood, DNW
Sam: ;_; ;_;

But then after that they fell in love so it all worked out. Sassy otp
by Magnel May 17, 2010

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