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Fake or Cheep Dollar store," Mocha Cappuccino Supreme"
5 single servings for a dollar. As opposed to getting a Cappuccino at your local Star Bucks, or road side Coffee stand.
Man, my unemployment checks are about to run out, looks like I'll be drinking MOCHA Jive Ass Coffee, till I, find a job again.
by MagicLanternProductions June 28, 2010
FAP: Fair Access Policy (FAP) when you exceed the, facebook, WildBlue, HughesNet, quota for the amount of data that may be downloaded during a typical day. On the facebook site they give you a limited number of people that you may add in one day. You will receive a penalty for add more, " Invitations " than they allow. facebook limit is about 30, and it doesn't matter if these invitations are your Family members ! However the games facebook offers allows you to,
" SPAM " as many as your friends as possible. The question is does facebook really want people to connect,and if they do why the Limits ?
Hey, Man I've been FAP again by the Freaking FaceBook Commies !

Their not letting me get any more Face, cause I've been FAPed for adding to many invites !

I'm sitting in FAP limbo, they sent me a message to Chill out, cauz I'm adding to many friends !?!
by MagicLanternProductions March 21, 2010

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