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10 definitions by Magic Mocha

a contraction of SLimey and cheese burger, a greasey slimey cheeseburger the kind they sell at crackDonald's
Cheap Charlie: When I go to CrackDonalds I order from the value menu, I get sleezeburger, fries and a diet choke for $3.

Cheap Whore: When I order CrackDonalds I thown the pimplefester a humjob or a titty-fucking and I eats for free!
by Magic Mocha September 17, 2010
People who are addicted to McDonalds food usually kids, teenagers, fat fucks and stupidiots who change there last name to something stupid.
After the big game Chad Ochocinco be jonesing for some CrackDonald's.
by Magic Mocha September 17, 2010
the female version of a peacock used by stupidiots who don't know the correct word is peahen.
During the mating season the peacock flares out its feathers when trying to get the attention of the peacunt.
by Magic Mocha September 17, 2010