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2 definitions by Mag1ci4n

When you are wiping your ass, and you get shit on your finger(s) accidentally.
Trying to wipe off the hanging chad resulted in a vicious gloopy sampson.

It is inadvisable to take a shit in a moving motorhome; you may get a gloopy sampson.
by Mag1ci4n December 19, 2007
A fat, pale, mall-gothic, unattractive female usually present at metal concerts, Hot Topic, anime conventions and role-playing seminars. Typically outfitted in those stupid goth chain pants and excessive body odor. Also a name for any fat female.
Whoa that Bog Wench gets 2D6 armor saves when she listens to Nightwish!

My fat neighbor is such a bog wench!
by Mag1ci4n December 19, 2007