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Monthly magazine mainly read by women in their 20's and 30's focusing on fashion, beauty, current events, career and relationship advice, and pop culture. Considered to be a magazine for classy women as opposed to Cosmopolitan. Edited by controversial Project Runway judge Nina Garcia and the magazine Project Runway winners win a spread in, also the theme for a season 8 Project Runway challenge.
1. Marie Claire had the most interesting article about internet stalkers last month.
2. I can't believe Marie Claire is published by the same company that puts out that rag Cosmo.
3. Gretchen Jones' jumpsuit on last season's Project Runway so did not define the Marie Claire woman.
by MadameM August 07, 2011
American cosmetic line founded in 1932 and famous for its advertising, launching the careers of nearly every 1990's supermodel, and red lipstick. Usually the highest-priced, highest-end drugstore makeup. Often imitated by rival brands, particularly CoverGirl and L'Oreal. Its wearers are known to be some of the classiest and hottest women in the world. Modeled by Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Elle MacPherson, Eva Mendes, Alessandra Ambrosio and Lucy Liu in recent years and Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni, Emme, Melanie Griffith, Lauren Hutton, Iman, Helena Christensen, Oprah Winfrey, Beverly Johnson, Susan Lucci and Audrey Hepburn in the past.
Man: Halle Berry is so hot.
Woman: It's because she's a Revlon girl.

Woman #1: L'Oreal has a new longwearing lipstick.
Woman #2: Oh, it's another Revlon knockoff.
by MadameM August 07, 2011
Punjabi British R&B, pop and hip hop singer born in 1981. Known in America for his 2010 song "2012", 2009 smash hit songs "Down" and "Do You Remember," also known for his earlier hits "Ride It," "Maybe," "Stay," "Dance With You," "Eyes on You," and "Stolen" and for being a sex symbol. Birth name Kamaljit Singh Jhooti

Me Against Myself (2004)
My Own Way (2008)
All or Nothing (2009)
The Mistress (forthcoming)
Freeze Time (forthcoming)
Jay Sean's song Down is the best in the world.
by MadameM August 07, 2011

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