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Chad Daddy, C. Wizzy, goes by many diffrn't names, the Big Papi. Chad Warden all about games. Chad Warden believes the the Xbox Circle and the Wii ain't ballin' cuz they ain't go no gaaaaames. The PS-Triple make the best gaaaaaames. Chad Warden stresses ABAP. Chad Warden doesn't like the fact that there are no bruthas in Supa Smash Bruthas. Currently, Chad Daddy resides in H-Town. Chad Warden is the most ballin' brutha on that YouTube. Chad Warden is so rich, that $600 ain't ish. Chad Wardem WILL pay you $600 to shut the hell up. Chad Warden is flyyyy.
Chad Warden has seen his number of illegal Mexican immigrants.
by Madamandelu January 14, 2008

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