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Diarrhea. This is a southern term. It comes from people who ate apples when they were green, and not yet red. Then thye would obviously run to the toilet.
"I told that boy he'd get the Green-Apple-Quick-Step from them berries!"
"Man, Mexican food always gives me the Green-Apple-Quick-Step."
by Macsotsu January 30, 2005
To fear the worst and hope for the best.
"The mayor'll call...he's got to!"
"You're just whistling in the dark, Larry The Baby Killer."
by Macsotsu March 02, 2005
The G.I.s means basically to have diarrhea. This saying was probably given the name as I am told soldiers stationed in china in WWII got diarrhea when eating local food.
"Johnny can't come out to play. He's got the G.I.s."
"Eating food in China gave Sgt. Hollis the G.I.s, although he said it was better than eating K-Rations."
by Macsotsu January 30, 2005

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