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1.Noun; Someone who is particulary interested in tennins, grinding, and violating the terms of nonaggression pacts.
2.Adjective; Used to describe a person who expresses qualities of a dietz.
3.Verb; The act of being dietz, or doing things in a dietz-like manner.
4.Interjection; A word often shouted by tankbiggs and people similar to tankbiggs to express happiness, anger, or general discontent.
1. Man, that dietz sure is fat.
2. That so dietz, three effing outs....
3. I'm gonna go dietz (play tennis)
4. DIETZ!!!
by Macks May 01, 2005
A young man who is blind, obsessed with spicey cheetohs, cries like a baby, has a stupid dog that is way too big, and knows everything about NCAA football because that's all he really has in life.....
God, brant is one sick puppy
by Macks May 01, 2005

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