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Someone who is your friend on a social networking website (such as Facebook or Myspace) but when you see them out in public you don't talk to them because you're too embarassed to introduce yourself with the line "Hey. I don't know you but we're friends of Facebook."
"I totally should have talked to that chick. She's one of my stranger friends on MySpace."
by MacDintons4Life May 01, 2009
When one man, in the process of tag teaming a girl, prematurely ejaculates inside said girl before the other guy has a chance to take his turn. There after the premature ejaculator's friend either has to make the all or nothing decision to follow up or call it a day.
"Kyle and I tag teamed this chick. Sure enough about a minute in to it he Gonzo Melvin'd her and I had to follow up. It was the mosting disgusting moment of my life."
by MacDintons4Life April 15, 2009

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