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3 definitions by Maaadie

A coasting vehicle, relativly close to a skateboard, but twice the size.
Manuvered with your body movements according to the direction in which you want to go.
extremely dangerous and extremely kickass. :)
I was longboarding, and was ticked for doing double the speedlimit, in a residental area.
by Maaadie July 18, 2008
290 121
your mom can be used in plenty of situations pertaining to jokes, or diss's
If someone responds to something you said by saying "your mom!"
chances are your mom is one of the following.
1- a MILF,
2- hot
3- fat
4- extremly fat
5- A whore
6- ect..
a)"dude, what did you do last night?"
b) "Your mom!"

or in a negative context;

a) "oh god whats that smell?"
b) "Your mom!"
by Maaadie July 18, 2008
6 3
Bob sagit- used in many contexts,
First, he is known as the dude off america's funniest home video's. and Danny off full house.

Speaking of danny,
Danny is the man off tourrettes guy, and he yells "bob sagit" alot. in the form of a bad word instead of a curse.
*drops beer* O BOB SAGIT!! D:<
by Maaadie July 24, 2008
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