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A person who lacks the ability to hold a conversation (most commonly in texting or online). These one-dimensional people use emotionless phrases such as, "okay," "haha," and "yeah," forcing any attempt at conversation to hit rock bottom, thus appearing as though you are talking to a wall.
Jake: Are you going to that party tonight?! :D
Lindsey: Yeah
Jake: Okay sweet! Let's get plastered! :)
Lindsey: Haha
Jake: We can be pong partners..?
Lindsey: Okay
Jake: So..
Lindsey: Yeah

Tom: Any progress with Lindsey?
Jake: Nah, she's being a wall-person again.
#wall-people #wall-talk #speaking wall #wallology #long term relationships #i'd rather watch infomercials
by Maaaason January 15, 2011
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