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A lower league footballer who, despite his real life inabilities, is considered to be a world beater becuase of his percieved skill level in Championship Manager.
Let's sign us a Cherno Samba.
by MaFu January 26, 2005
A word that means most excellent, it is even better than excellent. Also try to use the word "week" in every sentence, in place of verbs.
example 1- "mate your footballin is weeker as anything"

example 2- "Week that light on!" "week the ball" "week that"
by mafu April 19, 2005
A gambling hole, where various people with nothing in their lives,and no skill except "getting jackpot on a pound" Usually inhabited by various addicts, and mostly teenager. You can also find the common fligmunch here.
"mate coming down the palladium"
"I got a jackpot last night down the palladium, pound in, 50 out!"
by mafu April 20, 2005
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