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Spider Jerusalem is a fictional character and the protagonist of the comic book Transmetropolitan, created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Darick Robertson, published by the Vertigo of DC Comics.

He's an alcoholic, chain smoking journalist addicted to various drugs. His articles are all based around his belief to tell the truth and he does so with the most direct and blunt manner possible.
His bad ass qualities aren't the only reason he's such an awesome character but it's the futuristic setting he's placed in. Everything from his two headed pet cat to a home appliance that gets high.

You should definately go read transmetropolitan if you aren't a child nor are you sensitive to volience, swearing, sex and aliens.
BABEL Feedsite: "When asked about the column by our correspondent,Spider Jerusalem Laughed, shat in the camera and threw dog carcasses to an admiring audience." (#15p22)

by M____ September 17, 2007
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