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2 definitions by MWS

One of America's great cities; a place with authentic neighborhoods, characterful people, interesting architecture, stunning vistas, a keen sense of history, and a uniqe ability to reinvent itself in a changing economy while maintaing the best of its past. Certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the country, it is without a peer in cities of similar size or, in many cases, much larger cities. A truly special place where people feel comfortable to relax, be who they really are, have good conversation, meet strange people, and generally enjoy a balanced way of life.
Pittsburgh is one of America's great cities.
by MWS May 22, 2006
A building which sells sex toys and porn videos and has 25 cent peep shows in the back room.
Hey mom, gimme a roll of quarters so I can go down the jack shack and rub one off.
by mws August 06, 2003