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The hardened droplets of menstrual fluid from the cunny. Can be eaten in its natural berry form, blended into a delicious smoothie or made into a jam (see cunnyquat jam)
Mary: Whacha got there George ?
George: A Penutbutter and cunberry jelly sandwhich!
by MW4L April 28, 2008
Visit your local cemetary, dig up a fresh corpse and take it to the neerest doorway. Place the fresh corpse in the doorway and ask someone to continuesly slam the door to provoque a thrusting movement as you place yourself inside the body . Do this until desired pleasure is reached.
Billy: Can you come door slamming tonight?
Bobby: Only if I get a turn.
by MW4L April 11, 2008
The act of seeking cunt, also known as hunting cunt ( cunting)
Bobby: Hey Jim! whatcha got there?
Jim: I went on a cunting trip and brought back some
fresh meat for tonight!
by MW4L April 28, 2008
To fill a pizza pocket with a mixture of menstrual fluid and ejaculative fluids and deep frying the hot pocket. Server immediately.
Mary: Mom what's for dinner tonight?
Mom: Your father and I have prepared hot pockets
by MW4L April 11, 2008
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