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A punk is a member of the "punk movement" from the 70's and 80's. These kids generally dressed in holey jeans and dirty t-shirts with old sneakers, mainly because they couldn't afford better apparal.

Punks were largly associated with the genre of rock and roll that was named for there movement. Punk bands were made up of punks and the music displayed the themes of the punk movement.

Punks generally believed in a few common principals:
1. They commonly felt that there was no future for them, and that they would end up in the same poverty that they had been born into. This usually caused them to act in somewhat destructive ways. They usually were angry at society for that they could not move up in the social ranks.
2. Punks were not in favor of the goverment. They felt that the government was unfair to people of there stature. Sinse they felt so against the goverment they usually acted out in ways opposite of what was politically correct.
3. Punkers generally liked things perceived as negative such as violance, anarchy, drugs, sex, and things of that type. They rejected the norm of society, probably because the norm of society had rejected them.
4. They enjoyed punk music and dressed poorly for the reasons previously stated.
Kid: Dad, you're from the 80's, what's a REAL punk?

Dad: Well I was a punk back in my day

Kid: Whatever dad, your hairs not green. Plus, you were POOR when you were a kid. You could NEVER afford the sick clothes all the punk kids wear.
by MThaliaB January 08, 2010

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